Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Fabric of Our Lives

I am very upset to hear about the increase of cotton prices taking place. On average, cotton usually cost companies about $62 and change. Now there is going to be an 80% increase in cotton prices, increasing it to a whopping $125!!!!!

What does this mean?

It means that cheap cotton T-shirt you buy is not going to be so cheap anymore!!!! And those cotton undies, yea... they probably will no longer be 100% cotton if you want to buy them for the same cost. Not so healthy for our girlfriends downstairs.


Well for starters, Pakistan, one of the worlds largest supplier of cotton has been hit with major floods that have wiped out 30% of the cotton crops. Not only is the loss of crops a HUGE problem, but the loss of bridges, and modes of transportation due to flooding is also a major factor. In addition, China is buying out most of the cotton crop, which will most likely increase prices even more since we will have to purchase cotton fabric at the price they set. 

I think this just shows what a global world we are living in. Here in America I am just going about my daily business, while little do I realize, people in Pakistan are living in flood HELL! And its affecting my shopping! 


Curves ahead makeup said...

wow great post , thanks for sharing ~~~

Mystery Bruises said...

wow! i never even thought about this!

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Beverley said...

wow, who knew... and you definitely make a point. boo. i like my cotton.

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